-Up to 6 people-

(Additional family member...$30/ each)
-Our time together-
-Digital Handcrafted images in an online gallery-
(This includes 50+ digital images, access to professional prints through your gallery, and a download pin for you to download images at your convenience along with personal printing rights)
-$75 Professional Print credit through your online gallery-

Family sessions are meant to be fun and playful. Although some show up unenthusiastic based on the fact that when family photos are scheduled, the first thing that comes to mind are awkward
poses and saying cheese the whole time, I am not that photographer.  
My main focus for these session is to capture as much candid interaction as possible, with a couple simple poses mixed in. You might find yourself playing ring around the rosy, or a game of catch me if you can...but I find that with this approach, I am able to capture genuine, authentic, and heartfelt moments that will make you
smile every time you look back on your day together.